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Write one sentence that summarizes each year of your life so far.

17 Oct

That’s how I feel most of my life. Like I hate the way I treat people; I want to take so much back. I want to relive so many horrible moments in your life, take all of those bilious words and selfish actions back, and fill them with love. But I can’t so I turn inward and scrape down everything that’s left. Which leads me with an empty heart, a bleeding fist, and a broken mirror. No more, no less. This is a testimony to why my life is getting back on track.

Here are the years of my life summarized in sentences.

Obviously the first six years of my life didn’t mean much.

Year Seven: I was a little jerk, full of stupid knowledge but no common sense.

Year Eight:  Horrible temper tantrum throwing little demon.

Year Nine: Total Horrible Jerk CHILD!

Year Ten: Fat, not doing anything with my life.

Year Eleven: Socially awkward, and dying to be normal for once in my life.

Year Twelve: Figuring out who I am.

(Isn’t youth wasted on the young?)

Year Thirteen: Knowing who I am, filling in the cracks.

Well! That was really enlightening! I feel like I just filled in all the missing pieces of my life! Please try this! It will help you get your life on track, for some strange reason. 


Making the most of your life!

17 Oct

As a teenager or young adult, often we’re confused at what we want to do with our lives, and often spend the rest of the day not doing anything for anyone and reading gossip blogs and eating cookies, or texting and playing Call of Duty Black Ops instead of doing things that would actually help the world and fufil our lives! Sound familiar, anyone? (Ex, me today, just chilling and watching stupid raywilliamjohnson videos while I could have been doing my homework or saving people from committing suicide. I am such a bad person…)

Anyhow, I’ve read into it, and all the chiches are true! Early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise=true! Admit it, we’ve all stayed up until twelve thirty, right? Early in the night you’re all like, heelll yea! Let’s partayy! And somewhere along the evening, you get that, oh crap, I’m exhausted! Feeling, which eventually goes away with the more mountain dew and physical exercise we endure. But then you wake up at  10 thirty the next day, and don’t you feel like you kind of wasted your life? It’s called procrastination, and it’s flipping evil!
I am making the pledge this week to not waste anymore of my time, and to get everything I want done done, without doing anything that’s not going to produce any lasting effects. As Jay McGraw said in his book Life Strategies for Teens, people do what works. If randomly surfing the web after school and eating chocolate icing out of a can is what you do everyday, and you feel like it has a negative impact on your life but you continue to do it, there must be something that you’re getting out of it, or you wouldn’t do it. Something that has complete negative effects on you, like say, putting your hand in boiling water, has nothing desireable about doing it, or no payoff. People don’t stick their hands in vats of overheated liquids over and over again! So there must be a reason why you waste your time over and over again, right? It’s the instant gratification! So all you have to do to break your bad procrastination habits is learn why you do them and fix it! I wonder if our lives are really just this simple and the only reason why life is difficult is because we overthink it…

Anyhow, I’m off to make duct tape ribbons because they’re really fun ^^ Hope this post inspires you to change your habits!


Hello world!

6 Oct

Hello Everyone! It’s Emma, and I’m a female who understands more than what meets the eye 🙂 My goal is for this blog to appeal to everyone, and it’s so people can get to know me and I can get to know them, and that this blog is interesting, funny, inspiring, and thought-provoking. Isn’t that my goal in life though…

Anyhow, I am currently at a stage in my life where I am in a Jr High/High School setting. My number one goal is to go to college in New York city at graduation, hence ‘Blonde takes New York’. This blog is all about me being me (inspiring, thought-provoking, etc.) at this stage in my life. I want to smash through the barriers and dazzle everyone in my wake! Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. Now if you’ll excuse me…

New York, World, here I come!