Write one sentence that summarizes each year of your life so far.

17 Oct

That’s how I feel most of my life. Like I hate the way I treat people; I want to take so much back. I want to relive so many horrible moments in your life, take all of those bilious words and selfish actions back, and fill them with love. But I can’t so I turn inward and scrape down everything that’s left. Which leads me with an empty heart, a bleeding fist, and a broken mirror. No more, no less. This is a testimony to why my life is getting back on track.

Here are the years of my life summarized in sentences.

Obviously the first six years of my life didn’t mean much.

Year Seven: I was a little jerk, full of stupid knowledge but no common sense.

Year Eight:  Horrible temper tantrum throwing little demon.

Year Nine: Total Horrible Jerk CHILD!

Year Ten: Fat, not doing anything with my life.

Year Eleven: Socially awkward, and dying to be normal for once in my life.

Year Twelve: Figuring out who I am.

(Isn’t youth wasted on the young?)

Year Thirteen: Knowing who I am, filling in the cracks.

Well! That was really enlightening! I feel like I just filled in all the missing pieces of my life! Please try this! It will help you get your life on track, for some strange reason. 


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